Captain’s Log… Stardate April 30/21

I guess this is the first page on this website… People usually make promises about what they’re going to do… but not here! Alas, all you’ll find is another site dedicated to sharing whatever I want about retro hardware.

You’ll find info on my current builds, drivers I’ve found in my massive collection of 5,000+ floppies and tech history anything someone gives away or sells me.

My continuing mission… to explore strange hardware. To seek out new life (for this tech) and new civilizations to share it with. To boldly go into the past… as far as I can.

KIDDING – Here’s the purpose:
There’s lots of things I randomly Google – looking for answers to things about old hardware. I often come across things that have nothing to do with my searches. Things that don’t answer my questions or where a particular thing is so old there’s nothing online about it! Drives me NUTS.

The goal is to bring more of that old stuff online so when people like me search for it – they find answers.

They are then able to either appreciate, use or bring new life to something old.

That’s the entire purpose of This Old Tech…. lovingly named after a show I used to watch on TV when I was a kid. Bob Vila’s “This Old House”. I loved how he would essentially breathe new life into older homes that many would bulldoze. Same thing here.

Older technology serves a greater purpose. Sometimes it’s the nostaliga of what you had years ago yourself. Other times it’s just learning what has gone before us… and basking in the glory of old MFM/RLL drive sounds, bios beeps and interesting graphics cards. Whatever your fancy is, no matter. Hopefully something useful shows up here.

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