Retro News – So much has changed!

Tempted to turn this site into more of a news type site.
I’m blown away by all the projects going on out there that keep retro computing alive.
There’s a lot going on right now!

Here’s just a handful of the exciting modern ways to enjoy vintage hardware:

  • Projects to make NEW CPU’s for Amigas.
  • Projects that let you use an SD card over parallel,
  • The XT-IDE card,
  • USB to ISA which let you use a thumb drive via DOS.
  • New CPU Interposers that turn socket 5 boards into socket 7
  • Modern internal and external scsi to SD card kits (and DIY) to revive old macs without the use of spinning disks
  • Compact flash cards to IDE
  • Kits and pre-made setups for Adlib & Soundblaster cards
  • DIY kits for Microchannel sound…
  • DIY kits for midi over parallel etc
  • Even modern made XT based systems.

There’s really no single place on the web that’s going to report on all these new ways to enjoy old hardware again. So, as these new projects launch, I’m going to update about them here soon. It’s an incredibly evolving world. Retro is far from dead, and it’s new life is richer than ever.

I won’t even get into the incredible lengths people have gone to in terms of emulation. It’s not just code making it’s own take on old hardware, but actually loading the old BIOS chips of said cards/boards and actually replicating them in code, so you don’t HAVE to own them.

Navigating all this as a new-to-old retro enthusiast is a bit of a chore right now… but just imagine seeing all this and each item’s difficulty level and use-cases and being able to stay up to date from one source? That’s my hope. Stay tuned.

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