Over the years I’ve probably looked at 50 computer store websites hoping to find what I needed.
Hopefully THIS page answers the questions all the ones I looked at never did.

Parts Available

Vintage Hardware Items:

AT Power Supplies ($59+)
AT Cases ($99+)
Motherboards 386-Pentium 3 ($99+)
Keyboards ($39+)
Hard Drives ($59+)
CD/DVD ROM ($25+)
Mice ($19+)

Modern/Retro Hardware:
ATX Power Supplies ($29+)
ATX Cases ($49+)
Motherboards P4-5th gen Intel/AMD ($49+)
Keyboards ($29+)
CD/DVD ROM ($25+)
Mice ($19+)
Hard Drives ($59+)

Laptops/Notebook Computers:
Vintage $200+
Centrino/Core2duo/AMD Vision – $100+
Generation 1-5 Intel/AMD – $150+

We also sell laptop parts and have a big selection.

Unique Items:
VLB controllers
Smaller IDE hdds
Retro graphics cards (or modern)
Sound cards
Monitors (15″ Square, 22″ Full HD, CRTs…)
Retro games
Restore Discs to older computers
Software (Windows 95, 98, Vista, XP, 7 – MS Office, Games etc)
Game controllers, Joysticks
Vintage drawing/writing tablets
Networking gear… Routers, Ethernet Cable, Network Cards etc
Cables… VGA, DVI, E-Sata etc

Smaller items too like:
Retro computer case lights
AT style IO plates
Computer screws/rails
Fans, GPU heatinks, CPU heatsinks & fans etc