Quality Used Computer Hardware

We stand behind what we sell and we CARE about computers

Why choose This Old Tech?

  • Quality – We test everything we sell before it’s sold
  • Passion – We LOVE hardware and can help
  • Service – No sale is ever complete, we’re here to support
  • Rescued NOT just refurbished – We’re more like an adoption agency
  • Shipping & Delivery – We’ll get it to you as quickly and affordably as possible

What we carry:

  • Vintage Macintosh & PC Hardware
  • Modern PC hardware
  • Computer parts (Hard drives, DVD-roms, Monitors, Memory, Motherboards etc
  • Unique/Rare items and types of RAM, Controller cards, Video Cards etc.

How to purchase…

  • View our active items on eBay & purchase there
  • Reach out to us via dano@thisoldtech.ca

How to work with us (Important)

We have VERY limited time available. That means that we may offer short/quick answers or not be able to handle long phone calls or emails… we’ll aim to reply any time we can serve.

Local – Aldergrove/West Abby (to ensure fast replies)
Always include how fast you want something and roughly where your located (IE: I’m on 273rd and 24th and am free after 5PM). If your looking for a deep discount… realize this is how we pay bills and we may not be able to accommodate. We ship world wide and many find our prices on everyday items far below market value.

International/Online (For your speed & convenience)
Let us know exactly what you need or want and we’ll give you a quote and a way to pay for it. If your outside the USA or Canada, always provide an address (or a close by one) so we can give an accurate shipping quote.

Core Values:

Anyone can SAY they care about computers… but there are few who spend hours learning every type of RAM, motherboard chipset and all the operating systems available. Few would take the hours to learn how to get a modern web browser working on your older machine (they’d rather sell you new stuff) or what games you can play on some odd ball onboard graphics a computer or laptop came with (but we do!).

The age old “Would you sell this to your mom?”. We’d never sell a hard drive with a caution flag smart status or a motherboard that has some flaky feature that doesn’t work. While we can’t test every single port on a machine… we rigorously check the core functions to make sure we only sell great items… and then stand behind those items. Due to the vintage of some items… There may not be long-term warranty… but we’ll at least give advice on how to repair, troubleshoot or what to do as if it was a close friend.

No Drama
We have a no jerk rule. That’s for both sides. We’re not going to waste anyone’s time… and we’ll respectfully decline communications with someone who doesn’t value our time. We love serving others but can only serve a handful of people each day. Be kind, be patient and recognize that we’re each responsible for our own decisions. We’ll take full responsibility for our end and expect the same the other way.