Software Library

This page will host software rescued from vintage PCs as well as anything I find myself using regularly.

Also note, I’ve started uploading any vintage software and drivers that I find on my page here.

Hardware Drivers (Video, Chipset, Sound etc)

Windows XP driver ‘all in one’

Vintage Software

These will mostly consist of utilities and rare software found only on vintage hardware. Stuff not available anywhere else (that I’ve seen)

Machine Specific Software

Use at your own risk, I take no responsibility for anything that interferes with your hardware. I do check files to the best of my ability to avoid viruses and error redundancy etc but a 100% check is almost impossible. I also do not know the legalities of all of these – but I believe most hardware companies expect these files to be shared by people. The vintage software was either already free or so long out of date that it’s no longer a commercial risk and as such, I will not share any software for modern operating systems.